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Naming and Claiming Intellectual Capital Increases Self-Efficacy at Tribal Colleges

“Without question, Native peoples have always believed in education and its ability to draw out inner potential to promote self-sufficient, self-confident, positive thinking and knowledgeable people with the emotional intelligence to build quality lives.” Dr. Henrietta Mann

Attention All Tribal College Alumni!

We are looking for alumni to share their stories with the American Indian College Fund. Where are you today? How did attending a tribal college make the difference in your career? Please drop us a line and let us know how you are doing at

Tribes demonstrate true spirit of Native giving

Cultural misunderstandings often lead to stereotypes. The phrase “Indian giver” is a perfect example of that. This slang term for someone that renegs on a gift by asking for its return after giving it is rooted in stories from early Dutch traders who came to the new world as traders and businessmen. Knowing there was [...]