Making Sure Your
Credits Transfer

Will the classes you have taken at your tribal or community college be accepted by the four-year school you plan to attend? The more credits you have when you enter a four-year college, the sooner you will graduate and the more money you'll save.


Try taking these steps:

  • Meet with the advisor at your current college and the advisor at your new college to go over your transcripts and determine which credits will transfer. Schools vary widely on their policies for accepting credits from other colleges. Make sure you understand which of your credits will transfer before you arrive at your new school.
  • When signing up for classes at your current school, sign up for the ones that you are sure will transfer to your new school. Typically, "collegiate level" courses transfer while classes in study skills or preparatory courses usually will not. Again, talk with your advisor.
  • Try to get a written statement from the four-year school you'll be attending noting which credits will be accepted from your current school. This can help avoid unwanted surprises.