From Community
College to
Four-Year College

By now, you've already gone through the process of enrolling in college. Of course, you may want to refresh your memory of what steps you originally followed by clicking here.

Perhaps you already know what four-year college or university you want to attend. If so, ask your tribal or community college advisor to help you get the application forms and other information you need. Or, contact the school's admission office on your own.

When considering four-year colleges, consider:

  • Reputation. Most colleges and universities are known for excelling in certain areas. For example, a school may have an outstanding engineering program or nursing program. Research schools that are well-respected in the field you intend to work in.
  • Cost. In-state colleges and universities typically cost less than out-of-state schools, but before writing off an out of state college, research your financial aid options.
  • Climate. To receive the best education, it's important for you to feel comfortable with the "culture" of the college.

If possible, visit campuses and talk with other Indian students who are attending or have attended the college. Also, listen to your own gut. Did the campus give you a feeling of excitement and acceptance? Or, did you feel isolation and indifference?

Web sites such as can help you research prospective colleges. Also, has search engines using "graduate schools" and similar terms. You may find it helpful to complete the Researching Colleges Form.