The Benefit
of Good Credit

Being a cost-conscious college student and avoiding debt may not seem like much fun. You may even have a pang of envy when you see other students spending money freely. It's not easy staying on your path, but it's worth the effort. Keep these points in mind:

  • People who let their spending get out of control often wake up to a financial hangover that lasts for years. It robs their futures.
  • Your ability to live within your means is a strong lesson to your family members and friends. You are becoming a role model.
  • Your good credit will make it easier to buy a safe home and car. People with good credit qualify for lower interest rates on loans.
  • Making wise choices about money shows that you have integrity to stay focused on what's important and honoring the American Indian tradition of learning.

For more information on the benefit of good credit (and how to build it), visit these sites:

It's also a good idea to check your credit reports once a year. Make certain these reports are accurate. You can print a free copy of your credit file from all three credit-reporting companies once a year by going to a single Web site: