Your Dollars

Many college students turn stretching dollars into something of a hobby. A few searches on the Internet will give you ideas for saving money on everything from the cost of attending a school concert to meal preparation.
Here are a few ideas to get your imagination working…

  1. Take advantage of discounts offered to college students. Your student ID card may earn you a discount on everything from computers to food.
  2. Compare prices on-campus with off-campus. If the item is the same, buy it where it's cheapest.
  3. Buy used books-but make certain it's the edition that you need for class. Use your computer to search for books-or find out if your college has its own used textbook marketplace.
  4. Cut out costly habits like smoking.
  5. Shop at thrift stores and similar places—but know how to avoid bringing home an unwanted guest, like a bed bug.
  1. Stay away from "money pits," such as check-cashing/ payday loan stores and rent-to-own stores.
  2. Share driving to school or shopping trips.
  3. Make your own meals from simple, healthy ingredients (the Internet can provide a wealth of inexpensive recipes). However, if you're living in a dorm and food is paid for, take advantage of this benefit.
  4. If you need a cell phone to stay in touch with children or other family members, make it a low-cost plan and chat with friends on e-mail or instant messenger.
  5. Pay cash and don't whip out that credit card.

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