Making The Most
of College

You've gone through a lot to attend college and you're staying on a sound financial path. Now, make sure you get the full benefit of your college education:

  • Go to class or sign into your online course. You're paying for the class, so get your money's worth!
  • Take part in class discussions, whether in the classroom or online. You have important thoughts to share. And if you're confused, ask questions—even if your shy. You need to understand what is being taught. If you're confused, the odds are that other students are as well.
  • Join study groups. This can result in a deeper level of learning.
  • Develop good study habits and time management skills. Try to determine how you learn best. Maybe you prefer a quiet place by yourself…maybe you learn better by studying in different places at different times of the day. Some people need a routine; others thrive on diversity. Be willing to experiment.
  • Make an effort to get to know your professors and advisor. Discuss any questions or concerns you have. So few students take the initiative to meet their teachers that professors really appreciate the ones who do.
  • Get to know some of your classmates. Ask if you can trade names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses so that if you miss a class, you can contact them for assignments.
  • If you are going to a mainstream college, find out where the American Indian center on campus is and get involved. If attending a tribal college, look into classes that will teach you more about your tribe.
  • Take care of yourself by eating well and getting the rest you need. Strive for balance in your spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional life.