A Creative
Job Plan

A good first step toward a part-time job is to talk with people at your college. This includes visiting the financial aid office and the departments that hire larger numbers of students, such as admissions, housing, food services, and libraries. Also, make certain your professors know you're looking for work. Then, think about your interests and skills and start offering your services-even if a job isn't advertised. Consider these ideas, which include some self-employment ideas:

  • If you're a computer whiz, perhaps you could work part-time providing tech support.
  • Some college campuses and businesses hire desk attendants to ensure only authorized people enter a building-especially at night. Between checking in visitors, you may have quiet time to study.
  • If you enjoy Web sites and know how to update content, you could contact businesses about helping them update their sites. Many small companies often don't have a webmaster on staff. Perhaps you could handle the company's social networking site and blog on the company's behalf.
  • If you're interested in finance, consider becoming a part-time teller. Many bank tellers work part time.
  • If you're good with kids and they don't tire you out too much, consider offering babysitting services.
  • If you were raised to believe that a clean home is a happy home, consider cleaning homes. Working people often need help-as do companies that take over foreclosed homes.
  • If you like to spend every spare moment in the gym, look into becoming a fitness room attendant. You could teach equipment orientation classes and make certain people use machines correctly. (You'll probably need to take a first aid/CPR class before you are hired.)

A Creative Job Plan

After you've put some thought into your skills and interests, make your own job plan:

Jobs I Could Perform Companies to Contact or Actions to Take