How to Prepare
for College -

As an adult, you're probably very busy. You may have a job; you may have kids. You may wonder how you can set aside money for college. There are steps you can take to financially prepare to be a student.

Step One: Make a Spending Plan

When you have a plan for your money, it's easier to find a way to set aside even a small amount of money on a consistent basis for your upcoming education costs. Click here to learn more about a spending plan.

Step Two: Pay Down Debt

When you become a student, money will become even tighter. The best way to prepare for this time is to have little or no debt. Click here to learn how to get rid of debt.

After you take these two initial steps, you should be able to put some money aside in an account just for college. The right place to save this money will depend on when you plan to become a student. Click here to consider some account options.