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profile_savanna.gifSavanna (Crow) was raised in the traditional way amongst her people. Crow is her first language, and she keeps her culture alive by participating in the ceremonies of her tribe, including hand games and dancing in the traditional Crow style. 

As a junior in high school, Savanna was chosen from more than 60 applicants to travel to Uzbekistan to represent her tribe.

Savanna is an honor student at Little Big Horn College, where she is working on a triple major in pre-med, environmental health, and Crow studies.

Savanna lived with her grandmother when she was a senior in high school and watched her health deteriorate as she refused to take her medications. Her grandmother eventually died. The experience inspired her to want to become a pharmacist. Savanna plans to transfer to the University of Oklahoma for her pharmacy degree, then return to the reservation. She plans to start a pharmacy outreach program in which pharmacists visit the elderly to ensure they are properly taking their medications.


10-04-2011 at 11:16 AM
corey poafpybitty
i am native ameican myself, currently a senior here in high school. your story is so touching and i plan to one day help out our people:) keep your head up....

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