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Updating Application Information

Here at the College Fund, we depend on thousands of generous individuals, corporations, and foundations to provide donations for scholarship funding. Rather than require you to fill out an application for each and every scholarship they fund, we house our scholarships under two main programs for your convenience (and our sanity): the TCU Scholarship and the Full Circle Scholarship. Each scholarship within these programs has slightly different requirements and criteria, which is why keeping your application information up-to-date may be the difference between receiving scholarship funding or not.

While you can update your Profile in our online application system at any time, that does not mean you are updating your application. In fact, once you submit an application, you are no longer able to edit its contents. So what happens if you submit an application for the Full Circle scholarship program while you’re attending Northern Arizona University and then decide to transfer to College of the Muscogee Nation before the semester begins? Or what if you submit a TCU scholarship application and then change your major from Elementary Education to Biology mid-semester? Do you simply update your profile and hope that we will notice the change when we start the awarding process?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Your profile in our online application system is a living, breathing page that can be updated by you at any time. Your information in your application, on the other hand, is frozen in the moment you click “Submit.”

Your eligibility for scholarships is based on the information provided in the application, not the profile.

But do not despair! If you have submitted your application and your situation has since changed, we can help. Please contact a member of the Student Success Services team to assist you if any of the following circumstances apply:

• You have transferred schools. (Even if it’s from one tribal college to another, we need to know!)
• You have changed your major and/or degree program.
• Your anticipated graduation date has changed. (Perhaps you’re graduating early or have decided to add on a minor and will be in school longer; either could affect your eligibility for certain scholarships.)
• You are a high school student and submitted the application under a different college name from the one you’ve decided to attend.

Remember, having the most accurate and up-to-date information in your application allows the College Fund to determine your eligibility for a variety of scholarship opportunities so it is vital to ensure that your scholarship applications are updated!

For more information about the American Indian College Fund scholarships or to update your application, please contact a member of the Student Success Services team at 800-776-3863.