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The Circle of Scholars program exists to support the community of College Fund scholarship recipients through involving their experiences with the current work of the College Fund and providing a space to share successes, resources, and professional and networking opportunities.

Lifelong membership in the Circle of Scholars program is open to all College Fund scholarship recipients, both past and present, and begins when a student receives their first scholarship (from the TCU or Full Circle scholarship programs).

This program aims to engage the scholar community with targeted resources so they may be more equipped to achieve their personal, professional, and educational goals. We currently offer web-based application tips, additional scholarship resources, newsletters, and host a number of scholar community meet-and-greet events across the country. Our program, like our students, is unique and ever-evolving; further program updates and news can be found through newsletters, emails, and our Facebook page.

We believe that Circle of Scholars members are role models for their communities and hold the power to inspire the next generation of leaders in Indian Country. We are continually seeking stories from our scholars and invite any Circle of Scholars member to contact us with their updates.

Please take time to explore our Student Success blog and other ways to be engaged with the College Fund.