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The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation Renews $10,000 Grant to The Fund for Nebraska Students

June 2, 2010

Denver, Colorado – The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation renewed a $10,000 grant to provide Native student scholarships through the American Indian College Fund. The grant will support qualified American Indian students by providing financial resources to students studying business or entrepreneurial fields at Nebraska Indian Community College.

Richard B. Williams, President and CEO of the American Indian College Fund, said, “The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation has been a loyal donor for 18 years, helping American Indian achieve their goals of a higher education and creating hope for their futures. Through their dedication, they have made the difference in many students’ lives, ensuring that people who might not otherwise have the chance to pursue a college degree can do so.”

About The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation

The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation provides opportunities for the people of Greater Boston by awarding grants for activities in entrepreneurship and economic development; culture, education and leadership development; and environment and community-building.