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NTC collaborates with Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc. to produce gestational diabetes

November 19, 2012


FORT DEFIANCE, AZ. – In an attempt to spread awareness on gestational diabetes, the Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc. (FDIHB, Inc.) collaborated with Navajo Technical College’s New Media program to produce a 20-minute educational video to shed light on one of the Navajo Nation’s fastest growing conditions.

Gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs when woman exhibit high blood glucose levels during pregnancy, typically during the third trimester. Around 20 percent of expecting mothers on the Navajo Nation experience gestational diabetes so FDIHB, Inc. enlisted NTC’s New Media students to produce the educational video.

“We’ve been seeing a higher number of women experiencing gestational diabetes, almost double from last year,” explained FDIHB, Inc. OB clinic nurse specialist, Anita Bradley. “It’s becoming more prevalent across the nation so we need to let mothers who are pregnant know that they need to make all of their appointments, because if it goes undiagnosed, it will affect the baby.”

According to FDIHB Inc.’s chief community health officer, Valonia Hardy, FDIHB Inc. collaborated with Navajo Tech to provide work experience for students who could empathize with the culture and traditions of the Navajo individuals targeted in the video.

“We knew that there was an existing college on the Navajo Nation that not only knew our culture and traditions, but could put them in video,” said Hardy. “In doing this, you avoid having to explain your culture and tradition to someone because they understand first hand what you want.”

While the collaboration is expected to be beneficial for the authenticity of its content, NTC New Media instructor Hondo Louis believes that the video will be a valuable experience that reinforces instruction.

“The best thing about the collaboration is that it gives an opportunity to the students to apply their learning to the real world,” said Louis, who worked on the project with student interns Shadrick Large of Indiahoma, OK and Shawn Tsosie, of Chinle, AZ. “I try to impart to my students the importance of working with clients because ultimately it’s their product that you deliver. It’s like working with their child.”

“I liked the experience because I got to learn a lot in the production process,” said Tsosie, who worked on the video’s audio and assisted as a lighting technician. “I learned how to set up the lighting in scenes, but I also learned a lot on generating music and setting up a studio. It really was quite interesting and it was exciting because it was hands on.”
FDIHB, Inc. and Navajo Tech expect to premier the gestational diabetes video on November 27th at the 2012 Diabetes Expo at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Az. Following the expo, the video will be looped in FDIHB, Inc. waiting rooms.

Navajo Technical College’s New Media program is a four-year Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Information Technology. It prepares students to be effective in video/audio production and post-production environments that also includes a unique blend of information technology skill sets.

For more information Navajo Technical College’s New Media program contact Hondo Louis at 505.786.4146. For more information on gestational diabetes, contact Anita Bradley at 928.729.8435.