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  • Native Presence Grows on Colorado College Boards
    March 25, 2013
    Indian Country Today - Ernest House Jr., Ute Mountain Ute, executive secretary of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, has been named to the Board of Trustees of Fort Lewis College, a former Indian boarding school in Durango, Colorado, commission board members were told March 22. Read more at
  • Navajo Technical College gearing up to acquire radio station
    March 25, 2013
    Radio Survivor - Associated Press reports that several prominent Southwestern tribes are well on the way to securing radio signals for their areas. These include Navajo Technical College of Crownpoint, New Mexico, which has convinced the Federal Communications Commission that its area deserves Tribal Priority consideration
  • Success Center keeps students on path to graduation
    March 22, 2013
    Arctic Sounder - Ilisagvik College, Alaska's only tribal college, has worked tirelessly since its inception to educate and empower the Inupiaq people of the North Slope; to build its workforce and prepare new generations of competent professionals. While the college celebrates tremendous successes; steadily increasing enrollment, growing graduation numbers, and countless post-graduation success stories, Ilisagvik faces a challenge familiar to many minority-serving, post-secondary institutions - student retention.
  • In Montana, an Indian reservation’s children feel the impact of sequester’s cuts
    March 21, 2013
    Washington Post - The public schools on the isolated, windswept Fort Peck Indian reservation here are at the frontier of the federal sequester, among the first to struggle with budget cuts sweeping west from Washington.
  • Navajo takes on challenge to become a Sous Chef
    March 18, 2013
    Navajo Post Reporter - We all eat at restaurants, but we never really get to meet the people who all make it happen. As for Raine Marianita, she’s an assistant instructor with Navajo Technical College. Last week on March 9, she started the process to become a sous chef by taking the practical certification exam offered by the American Culinary Federation.
  • Meet Richard Black Elk: Lakota Warrior, Proud Teacher for Little Wound School on Pine Ridge
    March 15, 2013
    Indian Country Today - Read more When he returned to South Dakota from Iraq, Black Elk earned a bachelor’s in Lakota Studies from Oglala Lakota College and decided to earn his teacher’s certification. As if fate smiled on his decision, a representative from Troops to Teachers visited his National Guard unit in Montana and left behind some literature. After looking through a brochure, Black Elk enrolled in the program.
  • 1491er asks you to "Learn to Earn"
    March 14, 2013
    Dallas Goldtooth of the 1491s talks about the DeMaND program at United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck, North Dakota.
  • Federal budget cuts affect LCO College
    March 14, 2013
    Sawyer County Record - The automatic federal budget cuts known as sequestration will result in a 5 percent cut in federal grants for Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College (LCO OCC) in the 2013-14 school year.
  • Fort Peck DeMaND workforce training programs available
    March 14, 2013
    Mike Dimas, the electrical line workers instructor at Fort Peck Community College in Poplar. Montana and student Jarred Williams speak about the DeMaND workforce training programs available.
  • Uses Knife wins NASA Internship, becomes NASA Ambassador
    March 13, 2013
    Native Sun News - RAPID CITY - Winning singing contests, art contests, being a model and an accomplished hoop dancer might be enough for some, but not for Delaena Rae Uses Knife, 27, of Eagle Butte, SD, who fully intends to reach her dream of becoming an astrophysicist. Uses Knife is looking forward to a summer internship with NASA and she has also been named one of five of South Dakota’s NASA Ambassador. “It’s a surreal moment for me,” Uses Knife said.