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Chemistry student
at Diné College, AZ

Tribal colleges are instrumental in their role of educating the mind and spirit of Native students.

Established by tribes to educate Native people and preserve Native ways, tribal colleges offer curriculum that includes rigorous academics and teachings about Native culture, language, and history. Tribal colleges give students the opportunity to embrace who they are as Native people as they seek a college degree, improving their self esteem and academic performance in the process.


Key Facts About the Nation's Tribal Colleges:

  • There are 34 fully accredited tribal colleges serving more than 30,000 students who represent more than 250 tribes from across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada;
  • Tribal colleges are accredited and must meet the same academic standards as all other colleges and universities;
  • Tribal colleges operate on or near Indian reservations, providing access to higher education  for people in remote areas who otherwise could not afford to leave home to attend college;
  • Native culture is infused throughout the tribal college curriculum;
  • Tribal colleges promote academic achievement, self-esteem, and cultural identity; and
  • Most tribal colleges receive no Indian casino or state tax revenue for support.

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