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Annual Reports

View the 2014-2015 Annual Report» coming soon>>[PDF 3MB] | Form 990 [PDF 3MB] »| View the 2015 Audited Financials»

2013AnnualReportcover.jpgView the 2013-2014 Annual Report» Download>>[PDF 3MB] | Form 990 [PDF 4MB] »| View the 2014 Audited Financials»

2013AnnualReportcover.jpg2012-2013 Annual Report [PDF 5MB]» | Form 990 [PDF 1.1MB] »| 2013 Audited Financials [PDF 225 KB] »


2011-2012 Annual Report [PDF 4.4MB]| Form 990 [PDF 2.5MB] »| 2012 Audited Financials [PDF 815 KB] »

2010AnnualReportFinal.png 2010-2011 Annual Report [PDF 7.7MB] | Form 990 [PDF 2.7MB] »| 2011 Audited Financials [PDF 500 KB] »

2010AnnualReportFinal.png 2009-2010 Annual Report & Audited Financials [PDF 6.2MB] | Form 990 [PDF 2.7MB] »

AICF_Annual_report.jpg 2008-2009 Annual Report & Audited Financials [PDF 4MB] » | Form 990 [PDF 2.6MB] »

publications_2007_08_annualreport.jpg 2007-2008 Annual Report & Audited Financials [PDF 6.1MB] » | Form 990 [PDF 314kb] »

publications_annual_report.jpg 2006-2007 Annual Report & Audited Financials [PDF 6.3MB] » | Form 990 [PDF 502kb] »

2005_annual_report.jpg 2006 Annual Report [PDF 5.6MB] » | 2006 Audited Financials [PDF 1.2MB] » | Form 990 [PDF 283kb] »

2004ARCover.jpg 2004 Annual Report [PDF 6.6MB] »

2003ARCover_001.jpg 2003 Annual Report [PDF 2.5MB] »

2002ARcover_000.jpg 2002 Annual Report [PDF 4.6MB] »

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Brochures and Fact Sheets


2014FundBrochureTHUMB.jpgVIew>>American Indian College Fund Fact Sheet and Tribal College Map | Download>>[PDF 685kB]


 pdficon.gif Student Testimonials [PDF 156kb] »

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Research and Reports

Summary: Fostering Success

campaignsiihasincover.jpg Need and Resiliency Among Tribal College Students, October 2012 [PDF 7.4MB] »

Full Report: Fostering Success


Need and Resiliency Among Tribal College Students, October 2012 [PDF 7.4MB] »

Campaign Sii Ha Sin

campaignsiihasincover.jpg Shaping the Future of Tribal Colleges and Universities Final Report [PDF 7.4MB] »


research_gfe.gif Relationships, Respect and Revitalization: Grantmaking Strategies: A Guide for Native American Education and Philanthropy Observations from a Grantmakers for Education Member Briefing [PDF 606kb] » Prepared by Nicole Adams, Tashina Etter, and Sarah Hernandez

home_alumreport.jpg Championing Success: A Report on the Progress of Tribal College and University Alumni [PDF 1.4MB] » Prepared by the Institute of Higher Education Policy

pdficon.gif Cultivating Success: The Critical Value of American Indian Scholarships and The Positive Impact of Tribal College Capital Construction [PDF 1.1MB] »
Prepared by Harder + Company Community Research

pdficon.gif Characteristics of Tribal College and University Faculty [PDF 115kb] »
Prepared by Richard A. Voorhees, Ph.D.

pdficon.gif Native American Language Immersion: Innovative Native Education for Children & Families [PDF 487kb] »
Prepared by Janine Pease-Pretty On Top


Online Student Guides: Developing Your Vision While Attending College

Book One: Making the Decision to Attend College


Book Two: Paying for A College Education

Book Three: Managing Your Money
Book Four: Choosing Your Path


Archived Student Financial Planning Guides

nefeone.jpg Book One: Making the Decision to Attend College [PDF 2MB] »

nefetwo.jpg Book Two: Paying for A College Education [PDF 2.4MB] »

nefethree.jpg Book Three: Managing Your Money [PDF 2.3MB] »

nefefour.jpg Book Four: Choosing Your Path [PDF 1.7MB] »

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The financial statements presented herein are for convenience and information purposes only. While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of such information, they should not be relied upon. A copy of the printed financial statements will be provided on request.

Requests for printed materials can be made by calling 303.426.8900 or email

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