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Fellowships for Tribal College and University Faculty

Eligibility Requirements for All Fellowship Applicants:

• You must be a faculty member at a tribal college or university (TCU).
• Adjunct/Part time instructors are eligible to apply, including administrators and TCU leaders who teach at least one course.
• Fellowships are awarded for a one year time period (two years in one case, see below).
• Applicants must obtain administrative approval from their TCU President to take sufficient leave time to complete all requirements of the fellowship within the one-year time limit (Note: this does not mean a full sabbatical must be granted, just the amount of release time required to ensure successful completion of the program).
• Applicants are required to sign an agreement stating they will continue teaching at a TCU for at least two years following the completion of the fellowship (or one year in the case of the pre-dissertation fellowship).

The three fellowship programs, along with additional requirements specific to each fellowship, are listed below:

Contact Ken Wilson for more information at 800-776-3863

Fellowship Programs for Tribal College Faculty Pursuing Doctoral Degrees

Mellon Foundation Faculty Career Enhancement (Doctoral) Fellowship

The intent of this program is to increase and retain the number of credentialed faculty at the nation's tribal colleges and tribal universities. This fellowship will provide substantial financial support to current tribal college faculty in the final stages of a doctoral or terminal degree program.  

Faculty who are all but dissertation (ABD) in a Ph.D. program are eligible to apply. The amount of the fellowship award is $40,000 for a one-year period. It is expected that the fellow will be conferred their Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) by the end of this one-year period.

Application deadline is Feb. 14, 2014.

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Nyswander-Manson/Blanchard Pre-Dissertation Faculty Grant at a Tribal College

The program, funded by the Nyswander-Manson Fund and Kim Blanchard, provides financial support to a select group of current faculty at a tribal college who are pursuing a doctoral degree. Funding will assist faculty in completing research requirements and other activities that will contribute to attaining their degrees.

Faculty enrolled in a Ph.D. program at any level are eligible for this fellowship. The dollar amount of the award varies year to year as it is endowment driven, but is typically around $2,000.

Aapplication deadline is March 31, 2014.

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Fellowship Programs to Promote TCU Faculty Research and Publication

Mellon Foundation Faculty Research Fellowship Program

This program is designed to increase the number of faculty research projects within the tribal colleges and in Indian communities. The Mellon Faculty Research Program allows tribal college faculty the necessary time off to complete scholarly research, prepare publications, and present research at national conferences with the support of a tribal college student research assistant.

Faculty with at least a master’s degree are eligible. The Fund expects to award two half-year research fellowships of #17,000 for the spring and summer of 2014. The Fellow will also name a Student Assistant from their TCU. The Student Assistant will select a related research topic and the Fellow will mentor the student while the student provides research assistance to the Fellow. An article of academic journal quality will be submitted by the Fellow along with a paper by the Student Assistant. The Student Assistant receives a stipend of $1,250. Funding is provided for both the Fellow and the Student Assistant to present their research at a national conference.

Application deadline is January 31, 2014.


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Contact Ken Wilson for more information at 800-776-3863

The deadline for the following programs is February 15, 2014. The new applications for the 2013-14 academic year are available below.

Mellon Foundation Faculty Career Enhancement (Doctoral) Fellowship Application

Mellon Foundation Faculty Research Program Application

The deadline for the following program is March 31, 2014. The new application for the 2014-15 academic year is available below.

Nyswander-Manson/Blanchard Pre-Dissertation Faculty Grant