It’s Not Too Late, Join Us for the Flame of Hope Gala

Bunky is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts. He is a ?ne artist, graphic designer, photographer, writer and a non-pro?t professional as well as a traditional singer and dancer. His work spans both media and lifestyle and has been featured in exhibitions throughout the United States as well as internationally. Bunky Echo-Hawk did a live painting on this full sized tipi in the gallery at Wieden + Kennedy in 2011 . The tipi was used as his canvas to create new work for the exhibit.

You still have time to register and attend the American Indian College Fund Flame of Hope Gala at The Pavilion, at The Depot Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday, October 11, 2012. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation to annual Flame of Hope Gala to raise funds for scholarships for needy American Indian college students, helping them to earn a degree and end the poverty cycle.

The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to 3,500 Native students every year, giving them a chance at a better future. Please help us celebrate our scholarship recipients’ successes and pave the way for more to come at this first-rate cultural event featuring Native entertainment, fine dining, and a silent auction of Native art, including the work of nationally renowned artist Bunky Echo-Hawk, who will be creating a piece for auction on-site.

Auction item, only available at the Flame of Hope Gala. Totem Sea Wolf Argillite reproduction piece in high density resin and molded from casts of the original carving from the Canadian Museums of Civilization’s Collection.

Auction item, only available at the Flame of Hope Gala. “Words Like Weapons” Water design single weave basket made of paper, including the Indian Removal Act of 1930 and Captain Richard H. Pratt boarding school address.


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