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Why Preserve Native Cultures?

Although November is Native American Heritage Month, for the American Indian College Fund, our tribal colleges, and our students, we celebrate Native heritage every day of the year. This is because our students and communities know what it means to be without Native culture, heritage, and language–because it was once U.S. government policy to assimilate American [...]

College Fund Helping the Native Community for the Holidays

  The American Indian College Fund has caught the holiday spirit. The Fund is holding its eleventh annual Holiday Dinner to honor American Indian elders in the Denver on Tuesday, December 13 at the Church of All Saints, 2559 S. Federal Boulevard. Doors open at 4:30 and the dinner commences at 5:30 p.m. The event [...]

The First Tribal College—Diné College

The first tribal college was Diné College, located in Tsaile, Arizona, was founded by the Navajo Nation as Navajo Community College in 1968 to educate its young people who are residents of the 26,000 square-mile Navajo Nation which is spread over Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, while steeping them in their language, culture, and traditions. [...]

What’s In A Name? Fund Re-Names Scholarship Programs

To better reflect our scholarships and serve our students, you may notice a difference in our scholarship names. We will be migrating the new names onto our web site and in all of our communications materials. The new name for our general scholarships is The American Indian College Fund Tribal College and University Scholarships. The new name for special [...]

Natives Bring Chocolate to World, Chocolate Company Helps Natives With Scholarships

Native cultures in what is now Mexico are credited for introducing chocolate to the world. The Mayan culture used chocolate as currency and the Aztec culture used the cacao bean as payment for tribute because it was so highly revered. The Aztecs also created xocoatl, a spicy hot chocolate drink that mixed cacoa beans, corn [...]

November is Native American Heritage Month!

Please join the American Indian College Fund and the Native students and 33 tribal colleges and universities we support in celebrating Native American Heritage Month. You can get to know more about a tribal culture, history, language, and how the tribal colleges help to preserve them on our web site, Facebook and Twitter .  Visit [...]

Klatt: 2011 Tribal College Tours – Montana

As an employee of the American Indian College Fund (the Fund), I had the opportunity to participate in one of our bi-annual tribal college tours. These tours give current donors, potential donors, corporate executives and anyone who is curious about tribal colleges or the Fund a snapshot of what is taking place at these amazing [...]