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Guest Blog From Student Intern Deanna

This the eighth part in a series of blog entries by our scholar Deanna, who is writing about her internship experience at Mesa Verde National Park. On Monday of my second week at the park I began the longest project of my internship. Every year for over the past 20 years, Mesa Verde has held [...]

Six Days In: Fund Supporter Dave Rogers Reports from the GR10 Trail in France

We should have paid more attention the first night in Bagneres to the sight of eight young guys limping down the street, all with leg or ankle braces and the last two wielding crutches. Casualties should have been our thought. All this while the financial world is deciding to have a second meltdown and my [...]

Pyrenees Trekker Dave Rogers Hit By Storm on Trail

The night after the storm, I awoke to find my titanium tent pole bent from the wind. There was a thorough drenching all round. A randonneur (trekker) was blown off a neighboring ridge that same night. We are going very slowly due to heavy pack weight and very steep slopes up and down in the [...]

Fund Supporter Dave Rogers Heads into the GR10, A Rough Hiking Trail in the Pyrenees, to Raise Awareness About the American Indian College Fund

Rogers entering the Pyrenees trekking trail. “The local cattle don’t like interlopers on the Pyrenees trail,” Dave says.   You too can make an impact on a Native American student’s life by donating today!

Fund Supporter Continues Last Year’s Great Pyrenees Challenge

It’s a year later and American Indian College Fund board member and supporter Dave Rogers is back on the trail to kick off his personal Pyrenees challenge. The Pyrenees mountain chain creates a natural border between Spain and France, separating the Iberian Peninsula. It also is host to three peaks that crest over 11,000 feet [...]

Guest Blog From Student Intern Deanna

As some of you know from visiting museums, not everything that is displayed on exhibit is owned by that particular museum. It is common practice for museums to loan items out to other institutions. For example, I recently visited the new Southern Ute Cultural Center in Ignacio, Colorado, and on display was an intricate piece [...]

NPS Intern Works to Safeguard Puebloan Cultural Heritage

After reading through a few notebooks, I talked to my mentor and asking questions about things mentioned in the minutes that seemed crazy.  For instance, at some of the cliff dwellings people were actually encouraged to walk on the sandstone walls up into the 1990’s. This information was shocking to me because the standards today [...]