Monthly Archives: April 2011

Boarding School Legacy Put in Context

Many people ask about the source of mistrust amongst Natives with formal education. Sadly, few Americans have heard about the terrible legacy of boarding schools that were established for Native children as a tool of assimilation. And what fewer people know is that these schools would later become the catalyst for the tribal college movement. [...]

Check Out Our AIHEC Photo Coverage

It’s an amazing thing to be surrounded by hundreds, if not more than one thousand, American Indian college students attending a tribal college or university. There is palpable pride and excitement in the air as students share their achievements; compete in debate and other competitions; present their films, artwork, and scientific research to their peers; and participate in traditional [...]

Poetry and How We See the World

What we see as “real” or “reality” is actually a reflection of our culture. The New York Times columnist David Brooks writes about the importance of metaphor in speech, specifically in American English, and how it reflects our perceptions of the world. What Brooks did not touch on is how the use of metaphor, or [...]

Why Tribal Colleges Should Receive Separate Funding from the Federal Government

Representatives of the American Indian College Fund (the Fund) attended the Department of Education’s (DOE) Listen and Learn session in Denver, Colorado. All federal agencies were charged with developing an action plan and with fulfilling trust responsibilities to Native nations by connecting with tribes, according to Charlie Rose, DOE general counsel. As part of that, [...]