Monthly Archives: January 2010

Ft. Lewis Tuition Waiver

We have been receiving calls and questions about the Ft. Lewis College (located in Durango, Colorado) tuition waiver and its history in the wake of a proposed bill that would strip $1.8 million from Fort Lewis College’s budget. House Bill 10-1067, sponsored by Karen Middleton, D-Aurora, would reduce the per-student amount the state reimburses the [...]

Intellectual Capital in Indian Country

This past week we spent two days hearing about the projects that the tribal colleges have been implementing over the past year for the Woksape Oyate Wisdom of the People project. Programs have been designed for growing their own college faculty and staff; preserving and teaching tribal languages and culture not just amongst the tribal [...]

Happy New Year from the American Indian College Fund

As 2010 begins, we at the Fund wish all good things and every success for our supporters and our students. Without our supporters, our students could not go on to achieve the astounding successes that they have over the past 20 years. And our students are our future in Indian Country–without them we would not [...]