Monthly Archives: March 2009

American Indian Higher Education Consortium Meeting

As always, it is invigorating attending the American Indian Higher Education Consortium meeting. The tribal college presidents, professors, staff members, and students come together from across the country, reaffirming their commitment to American Indian education, tradition, culture, and beliefs, while ensuring that entire communities move forward through higher education. Students like Stephen Yellowhawk, a Coca [...]

Thank You Denver for Your Turn-Out at the Denver March Powwow

The American Indian College Fund participated at the Denver March Powwow with an information booth and also hosted a pre-Denver march Powwow program for several of its esteemed Denver-area supporters. Guests at the program were treated to a presentation by the American Indian College Fund. My son, a tribal college graduate who is nearing completion [...]

See You at the Denver March Powwow

For those of our supporters in Colorado and ur friends coming in from across Indian Country, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Denver March Powwow this week at the Denver Coliseum. We will have a booth at the event, where we will be providing information about scholarships, our new Think Indian campaign, [...]

New York Times columnist is "Thinking Indian"

In the Sunday edition of The New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman shows how he is “thinking Indian.” He postulates that the economic crisis of 2008 may represent something more fundamental than a recession, and perhaps it was the Earth and the market’s way of telling our world that we cannot continue with the cycle [...]

Want to help a child in Indian Country? Educate his parents.

By helping American Indians go to college, the American Indian College Fund (the Fund) not only helps older American Indians, but it is also helping American Indian children. Consider the facts: the average tribal college student is a 27-year-old single mother of three, and is often the first in her family to attend college. By [...]