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AIHEC Student Conference Honors the Drum

It is always great to get out and meet our students. At the 31st annual American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Student Conference in Rapid City, South Dakota, we had that chance. Native students gather to participate in competitions and celebrate the work they do at the tribal colleges as they pursue a college education [...]

How Tribal Colleges Reverse Boarding School Native Education Legacy

Education was a tool used by the U.S. government to try to assimilate American Indians. This Week in Indian Country’s piece, “Schools for Scandal,” illustrates the history behind U.S. policy to assimilate American Indians in boarding schools. Richard Henry Pratt, a former U.S. Army officer, summed up the government policy in the late 1800s that was carried [...]

The First Tribal College—Diné College

The first tribal college was Diné College, located in Tsaile, Arizona, was founded by the Navajo Nation as Navajo Community College in 1968 to educate its young people who are residents of the 26,000 square-mile Navajo Nation which is spread over Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, while steeping them in their language, culture, and traditions. [...]

Six Days In: Fund Supporter Dave Rogers Reports from the GR10 Trail in France

We should have paid more attention the first night in Bagneres to the sight of eight young guys limping down the street, all with leg or ankle braces and the last two wielding crutches. Casualties should have been our thought. All this while the financial world is deciding to have a second meltdown and my [...]

Pyrenees Trekker Dave Rogers Hit By Storm on Trail

The night after the storm, I awoke to find my titanium tent pole bent from the wind. There was a thorough drenching all round. A randonneur (trekker) was blown off a neighboring ridge that same night. We are going very slowly due to heavy pack weight and very steep slopes up and down in the [...]

Guest Blog from Student Intern Wynette

Ya’a’teeh! My name is Wynette. I am a psychology and sociology major at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. I am interning at the Diné Policy Institute at Diné College, a tribal institute located in Tsaile, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. While applying for the internship, I was not aware that I would be working [...]

Guest Blog From Student Intern Deanna

This is the fourth part  in a series of blog entries by our scholar Deanna, who is writing about her internship experience at Mesa Verde National Park. Next week will will meet Wynette from Occidental College in L.A., who is working at the Diné Policy Institute this summer at Diné College. Day 4: Location – [...]

Guest Blog From Student Intern Deanna

This is the third entry in a series of blog entries by our scholar Deanna, who is writing about her internship experience at Mesa Verde National Park. On Day 2 I began the work that I came to accomplish. Our very first task was a simple one.  My mentor, Tara, decided that the unprocessed archives [...]

Guest Blog From Student Intern Deanna

Deanna’s Adventures in Camping on Her Internship I have never considered myself all that girly or high maintenance, but camping for 10 long weeks seemed like torture on paper. Prior to my internship, I had never been to Mesa Verde National Park.  To make it worse, the two guys I brought to help me set [...]

We Salute Our Summer Graduates

Graduation ceremonies were held all over Indian country the last several weeks. So many of our scholarship recipients have worked countless hours to receive that elusive document among Native people, the one that testifies to the completion of their course of study.  In addition to the stress brought on by their rigorous curriculum, many have endured [...]